Europeone identifies with the ideals and aspirations of contemporary Indian architects and designers. The already robust Indian aesthetic is being metamorphosed into a global modern oeuvre and we are at the forefront of this evolving vibrancy. Our clients are architects and interior designers as well as home and business owners with rich and distinctive visual and functional aspirations, and we are committed to help them achieve their soaring ambitions in collaboration with Europe’s best brands.

From state-of-the-art residences to smart offices and revolutionary retail spaces, Europeone is geared to facilitate stimulating challenges and introduce latest technology and digital décor innovation to India.

Italian Cartel With a French Twist/ FURNITURE

No space can aspire for timeless appeal without a favoloso Italian impact. Italian brands boast of decades of family-honed craftsmanship skills and an inherent ease of form and pizzazz that’s hard to replicate.

The Luminaries/ LIGHTING Solutions

Europeone’s shining ensemble of Europe’s most tech smart and fashion-forward lighting brands is crafted to impart a radiant glow to our client’s spaces.

Cooking Up a Storm/ MODULAR KITCHENS

The kitchen is the new glamour center of the modern home and Europeone’s kitchen solutions are guaranteed to turn any space into a master chef’s studio.

Sounds of Serenity/ Bath Fittings & SANITARY WARE

Europeone’s au courant sanitary ware solutions elevate bathrooms to divine, digitally-enhanced spaces for rest, recreation and inspiration.


Bringing the future into the presentSpace age villains and heroes decoding dystopian matrixes in sky high glass towers was a part of cinematic fantasy until just a few years. The application of automation to commercial and residential buildings is the way to the future and Europeone is pushing boundaries – literally as well as figuratively – in this ground-breaking, on-trend sector, having invested in over a decade of dedicated R&D on international standard need-based solutions. A Europeone ancillary, Utsav Intellgient Building Solutions Pvt Ltd - UIBS has partnered with KNX, the world’s first open standard for all types of intelligent buildings to offer our Indian clientele a vast range of intelligent, energy-saving solutions like High-end Security and Green Building Technology and Dynamic Facade Systems.


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